Llollo and Daddy’s saturday

I’ll start this post with a disclaimer:  My husband is a wonderful father

My own dad and my father-in-law are old school. They pride themselves of never having to  change a nappy “back in the day”. They were both fantastic fathers, very involved in their children’s lives, just not so involved in the day-to-day during the baby stage.

My husband on the contrary, has been incredible from the start: I remember waking up at the hospital bed and to find my husband  filing our son’s nails. I don’t recall changing any nappies during the first week. He changed his work routine, so he could give him breakfast and drop him at nursery.

He plays rough with Llollo, and Llollo loves it. I brace myself every time I see Llollo mid air when playing with Hubby… But i also see the twinkles in llollo’s eyes when daddy comes back from home every evening. My husband is a great dad.

Now to my post for today.

Saturday, I had to fly to spain early morning and leave my two loves to take care of each other all day. When my husband picked me up saturday night, this is an excerpt of the conversation:

ME: and how was your day with Llollo?

Hubby: It was great. Well, he didn’t have much breakfast, so we started the day early running errands. I thought he would be happy sitting in the front with me, but got bored after a while.

ME: what do you mean by “in the front”?

Hubby; oh, I just brought the baby seat to the front passenger seat to be able to check on him.

ME: right, I don’t think that is legal (OR SAFE … )

Hubby: of course it is, I have seen it tons of times! . Well anyways it was a good thing, cause it was easier to clean up the vomit.

ME: Did he vomit !?

Hubby: yes, there might have been something off with his breakfast or he got dizzy riding in the front. But no worries, I used some paper to clean up the car, and then took him (all covered in vomit) to mothercare. He now owns 2 new t-shirts. (pride grin)

ME: right, did you ran out of baby wipes to clean him? I thought I had a back up pack on the  nappy bag.

Hubby: oh no, I didn’t bring the bag with me. We were not going to spend that much time away. My plan was to be back at home before lunch time, so no need really.

ME: did you give him anything after that (as in WATER ! )

Hubby: Of course I did ! (giving me “the look”) We went to the supermarket and I got him a pack of breadsticks, he had like 20 ! He really likes them.

ME: (… sigh … )

Hubby: but what he really loved was lunch. We had FABADA …

I’ll make a stop here and explain to you, in case you don’t know, what FABADA is. It is a rich spanish bean stew, hot and heavy, made with large white beans, bacon, black pudding and chorizo (thanks wikipedia) .

Hubby; … and he even had chorizo and black pudding !!! ( pride grin again )

ME: but he had vomited not long before that! (and he is a baby! )

Hubby: yeah… but the bread sticks settled his stomach , so he was fine. He loved the fabada!

ME: (…sigh…) how were his naps?

Hubby: non-existent . But at 6 when I took him the his room to change his nappy, he was literally throwing himself into the cot; so i couldn’t bathe him. He is been sleeping since then.

When we got home at midnight, my 16 month old toddler was peacefully asleep in jeans and t-shirt, surely going in his dreams through the best parts of the day… He woke up as usual and had all his porridge and fruit with no problems… when my husband walked into the kitchen, they locked eyes and I could hear his mind screaming “What are we going to do today Daddy?” with a big grin on his beautiful face, just like daddy’s.