I am going to home-school my kid …

Well not really


there is this very sad news report on TV about a 15 year old girl who ran away to France with a 30 year old teacher … after expressing my surprise and anger about it, the guys are now sharing stories on the subject.

Two of them, knew of girls in their school who were rumored to be in  a relationship with a teacher, another one, has a teacher friend who had a one night stand with an ex-pupil once she graduated from sixth form. I didn’t want to add to such a sad subject,  but I did too, know a girl in high school who at 14 was dating a 26 year old p.e. teacher.

Is this problem THAT common?

And this is not exclusively a teenage girl thing, there are also many example of teenage boys caught  in the same situation with teachers.

What is going on? this is a horrible violation of trust

This is just plain wrong: Adults DO NOT take advantage of CHILDREN, there is no but here.


As a teen, when I witnessed the secrecy of Alessandra and the p.e. guy, I didn’t  think any of it:  sure “yuck, an old guy…”, but I didn’t think of making an adult aware of it. But now as an adult (and lately a parent ) these stories make me very angry and a little scared.

I know I can’t raise Llollo in a bubble, I know that my only weapon against this and many other issues Llollo might/will encounter is communication. I know I have to overcome my own fears and taboos and try to build and maintain as clear  communication as possible with him.

It is just that I feel for those families, both the girl’s and the man’s (because he left a wife in this mess). And i feel for that girl, and all boys and girls in that situation, they should be protected until there wings were big enough to fly, not taken advantage of by a sad, sick loser who is so messed up that needs an INNOCENT child to give him/her a sense of control over his/her life.

Hobbes said that “pity is the realization that the misfortune another person has incurred could have or still could happen to us” …

So maybe I should not discard that bubble plan just yet…