A little perspective

For days I have been writing my first official post, in it I was going to go on and on and on on the fact that :

a. Since i had my son, my priorities have changes and even though I still want to work, I feel my 60-70 hours a week working are not possible anymore.

b. I have been looking for a career change for over a year and i haven’t been able to get even a single interview.

But this morning a news flash caught my eye:  ” RBS plans to cut 300 more jobs at investment bank ” ; last week similar news came from Nomura and Bank of America… and this is just in the banking sector, you have similar stories coming across all industries.

So I can’t really go “buh .. poor me! blah blah” , while there are so many smart and skilled people under the prospect of loosing their jobs. We are in the middle of a worldwide crisis and for companies offering jobs it is a “buyer’s market”, they can basically cherry-pick what they want.

Having said that… buh poor me, I want to spend more time with Llollo but can not find another job…  at least I have a job to hate.