Dr. grandma

My mum is awesome


While growing up, I always thought she knew just about about everything: she was there every afternoon in case I needed help with homework, she helped me learn the states capitals, multiplying tables, trigonometry, organic chemistry… the lot

She knew who axl rose and jon bonjovi were, and read peacefully the newspaper while i was listening to those gods.

Now that I am a mum, her awesomeness just keeps on pouring. What do you do when your first born baby has a dry cough in the middle of the night? Well, I personally, check all the windows in case of drafts, put an extra blanket on him, take the blanket off when he keeps coughing while sweating, put socks on, take socks off, check the internet of dry cough causes and treatments, consider for a second giving him a ginger tea with honey and lemon and finally…. email my mum, or  should i say… Dr. grandma.

My mum is not a doctor, she majored in journalism but my mum knows EVERYTHING!

Dr. grandma said to rub a little vicks on his feet and then put the socks back on.

Lets take a moment here: while i was growing up, vicks vapor rub represented the essence of being old. Nobody but “old people” used it: my dad, my grand parents, my great aunty Isa … all old!

I still remember a tragic sunday when Isa came to visit and unfortunately, found my 7 y.o. self with a terrible cold.. “what you need is a rub with vicks” … I was too young and too sick to resist… and off she went

rub, rub, rub, rub on my back … ” you need now to keep warm for the full effect”, and she grabbed my favorite red sweatshirt … the one that until this day , i am sure, stinks of vicks… tragic

Then and there I rebelled to that useless, stinky, anachronistic remedy. My mum never really used it with me that I recall, so there was no massive stance, just a mental note, there in the back of my mind saying: “I hate vicks”

Now let’s come back 30 years to the present day, Dr. grandma was prescribing this, so what to do? listen to my 7 yo self or listen to dr. grandma??? To ease the discomfort of my son I decided to go take my chances and …

rub, rub, rubbed vicks on his feet and back on went the socks

and dear reader, do you know what happened?

My baby stop coughing after a few minutes.

Since that night, this has worked flawlessly for 3 other dry-cough episodes, I even have special “vicks-socks” ( common socks that are stored separately from his other socks, so he doesn’t stink of vicks when not coughing).

I am a believer now

Thank you Dr. grandma

My mum is awesome and I love my mum

I am going to home-school my kid …

Well not really


there is this very sad news report on TV about a 15 year old girl who ran away to France with a 30 year old teacher … after expressing my surprise and anger about it, the guys are now sharing stories on the subject.

Two of them, knew of girls in their school who were rumored to be in  a relationship with a teacher, another one, has a teacher friend who had a one night stand with an ex-pupil once she graduated from sixth form. I didn’t want to add to such a sad subject,  but I did too, know a girl in high school who at 14 was dating a 26 year old p.e. teacher.

Is this problem THAT common?

And this is not exclusively a teenage girl thing, there are also many example of teenage boys caught  in the same situation with teachers.

What is going on? this is a horrible violation of trust

This is just plain wrong: Adults DO NOT take advantage of CHILDREN, there is no but here.


As a teen, when I witnessed the secrecy of Alessandra and the p.e. guy, I didn’t  think any of it:  sure “yuck, an old guy…”, but I didn’t think of making an adult aware of it. But now as an adult (and lately a parent ) these stories make me very angry and a little scared.

I know I can’t raise Llollo in a bubble, I know that my only weapon against this and many other issues Llollo might/will encounter is communication. I know I have to overcome my own fears and taboos and try to build and maintain as clear  communication as possible with him.

It is just that I feel for those families, both the girl’s and the man’s (because he left a wife in this mess). And i feel for that girl, and all boys and girls in that situation, they should be protected until there wings were big enough to fly, not taken advantage of by a sad, sick loser who is so messed up that needs an INNOCENT child to give him/her a sense of control over his/her life.

Hobbes said that “pity is the realization that the misfortune another person has incurred could have or still could happen to us” …

So maybe I should not discard that bubble plan just yet…

A little perspective

For days I have been writing my first official post, in it I was going to go on and on and on on the fact that :

a. Since i had my son, my priorities have changes and even though I still want to work, I feel my 60-70 hours a week working are not possible anymore.

b. I have been looking for a career change for over a year and i haven’t been able to get even a single interview.

But this morning a news flash caught my eye:  ” RBS plans to cut 300 more jobs at investment bank ” ; last week similar news came from Nomura and Bank of America… and this is just in the banking sector, you have similar stories coming across all industries.

So I can’t really go “buh .. poor me! blah blah” , while there are so many smart and skilled people under the prospect of loosing their jobs. We are in the middle of a worldwide crisis and for companies offering jobs it is a “buyer’s market”, they can basically cherry-pick what they want.

Having said that… buh poor me, I want to spend more time with Llollo but can not find another job…  at least I have a job to hate.

Where to start?

Let me start in the middle, and through the days go back to the beginning.
My name is Trish, and over a year ago we were blessed with our baby boy Llollo. Llollo is 15 months old now, with all the energy and stubbornness of a beautiful and healthy toddler . To make things interesting  we have been talking about having another baby and I am actively looking to have a career change while working full time in sun-challenged London.
So there you go, in a nutshell that is in general terms where I am starting my blog.I know this will be a bumpy but happy ride.